Spring Media partners with Queen & King of the Court

May 7, 2024

The international full-service agency to represent the fast-paced beach volley concept globally, and engage in production

Spring Media has partnered with Queen & King of the Court (QKOTC) to serve up excitement for international viewers worldwide. The full-service agency is set to represent the global media rights over a 2-year span, and produce selected events during that term. The beach volleyball tournament, founded by Sportworx, will see five events take place in 2024, starting with Hamburg, Germany, on May 30.

“We’re excited to partner with Spring Media on the growth of our popular concept and are confident that broadcasters and their viewers will love our fast-paced events,” said Gijs Dieleman, TV & Media manager at Sportworx. “Spring Media’s extensive understanding of local media landscapes and flexible approach to production really fit well with the events of Queen & King of the Court.”

Originally a popular training format, Queen & King of the Court has developed into an official new beach volleyball competition. QKOTC established a whole new experience in the existing market, merging sports and entertainment. The top beach volleyball athletes are set to compete for the crown. 

“We are thrilled to be part of shaping the growth of this thrilling beach volley format through our global distribution arm and production solutions,” said Sabine Kesseler, Commercial Director, Spring Media. “QKOTC has taken the best parts of the beach volley game and created a thrilling knockout format to suit both broadcasters’ TV slots and the shortened attention span of viewers - a perfect blend of sports and entertainment.”

The five scheduled events in 2024 run from end of May through December across Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. First up is Hamburg, Germany, with planned broadcasts on June 1-2.

About Queen & King of the Court
The court is divided into a winning and challenging side, and points can only be scored on the winning side. Instead of two teams, there are five duos playing for time simultaneously in an elimination game. The break between the rallies is limited to eight seconds, ensuring a fast and action-packed game. More info at: https://kingofthecourt.com/ 

About Spring Media group
Spring Media is an international full-service sports agency that serves some of the biggest leagues, federations, teams and broadcasters in the world. Its business is built around four core areas including Rights Management, Production Services, Streaming Solutions and Growth Marketing. Spring Media group has more than a hundred employees and global reach with offices throughout the Nordics, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. The group distributes, sells and produces more than 100 000 hours of live sports annually and works with over 500 broadcast partners. More info at: https://www.spring.media/ 

About Sportworx
Sportworx is an innovative sports marketing and events agency, founded in 2017 in The Netherlands. Sportworx creates unforgettable and unique experiences for athletes and fans, working closely with leading international and national sports organizations to develop new and exciting formats to push the boundaries in performance and entertainment. More info at: https://sportworx.nl/en/